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I have had the privilege of studying with awe inspiring teachers in my life. What I have learned from two decades of private lessons is that teaching and learning is about communication and  sharing information. Teaching for me is a way to share my knowledge with a student, and give them the tools to bring their vision to life. In order to do this effectively there must be communication, curiosity, and a healthy mentorship between teacher and student. 

To teach music is not only to pass down ideas of finger technique and tone production, though those are important; to teach music is to pass down philosophies and ideas on how to communicate things that are incommunicable outside of the arts. We are artists trying to fill the world with new ideas and beauty, to do that we must be master communicators.

As a teacher I ask a lot of questions, and I allow my students to ask every question that enters their minds. I strongly encourage an understanding of the historic and artistic implications to musicality, as well as trial and error when it comes to making musical decisions. Curiosity leads to understanding, and with more understanding comes greater insight and a willingness to create. 

I am also a firm believer that learning does not only happen in the classroom or during a lesson. Teaching comes with a commitment to be present for mentorship, encouragement, and instruction as a three pronged approach to help develop a habit of curiosity and artistry.

I have managed private studios in Michigan, Kansas, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. I am currently teaching in person lesson in the Grand Rapids area and virtual lesson to students across the country. If you are looking for a private teacher, please reach out. I want to make music with you.

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